How much do you know about the inner liner of roller skates
Generally, the roller skates we come into contact with can be divided into three types: integrated liner, detachable liner and no liner.
In consideration of the comfort and safety of children's learning roller skating, children's roller skating shoes are all lined, divided into one-piece and detachable.
A liner with excellent performance requires a variety of designs to achieve the maximum value between comfort and wrapping. The liner designed in this way is the best.
The comfort and wrapping of the inner tank are related to many aspects.
Liner material
It can be said that the inner lining part of the inner tank determines the performance and positioning of a pair of roller skates to a large extent. Generally speaking, it is made of three materials: net cotton, Lycra, and microfiber.
More than 98% of the low-end shoes are made of black cotton, while the high-end roller skates that pursue comfort and cost-effectiveness often use the configuration of mesh cotton/superfine mesh.
Multi-dimensional package
The wrapping of the liner is very important, and different parts have different requirements for wrapping and elasticity, so a good liner needs to design the wrapping from multiple directions.
The yellow-green part fits the ankle and has a CUFF support on the outside, but in order to prevent the ankle or calf from being scratched, this part needs to be of moderate thickness. Too thick is not conducive to the rotation of the ankle!
The blue part wraps the instep and heel. This part of the package is very important. For example, when jumping or toe action, the foot will be separated from the sole to a certain extent. At this time, the inner liner needs to fit the package sufficiently.
The red part fits the sole of the foot and plays a role of shock absorption and ventilation. Some styles will be used with arch insoles, and triangular support pieces are added to the arch of the foot to fit the foot better.
The yellow toe part is very elastic. On the one hand, it is to adjust the size of the shoe, and on the other hand, it is to enhance the wrapping and prevent the toe from being injured.
The liner is made of memory-type materials. After passing through the liner, it will remember the shape of the foot and protect the bones of the foot from deformation and damage to the greatest extent.