What is the difference between single-row and double-row skates?
Single row roller skates and double row roller skates are compared and detailed differences in gameplay:
1. Speed: Double row playing on the smooth wooden floor indoors is as fast as single row.
2. Fitness: Double-row has a sense of development and balance in all aspects of body organs. Single-row can't help you, only double-row. Because single row is too easy to balance and not easy to fall.
3. Technology: Double-row masters are definitely also single-row masters; but single-row masters may be double-row rookies.
4. Venue: The double row is the most adaptable and professional; the single row is only suitable for concrete floors and street; in Shanghai and Beijing, the large indoor roller skating rink refuses the single row, because the single row will consume the indoor wooden floor. (There are only two types of ice skating, one is roller skates and the other is real ice. Similarly, there are two types of ice skating rinks at the highest level. One is the indoor wooden floor skating rink and the other is the indoor real ice rink. But the single row is in these two places. Are excluded.)
5. Pattern: Double row is easy to fall, single row is not easy to fall, the double row foot support is flexible, and the single row foot support is fixed, so the support position has controlled many performance patterns.
6. Professional: If you want to affirm your actions, challenge more tricks and more happiness and satisfaction, single row can not help you, only double row!
7. Crowd: Double row is the most difficult! ! ! It is also loved by experts. People who play double-row play dull and boring. Double row is suitable for older children and adults, single row is suitable for younger children. Ice skates are not suitable for children because of the highest risk.
8. General: The skills and methods of double-row and single-row skating are different. Because the single-row skating method is similar to the real ice figure skates and ball skates, it can only be a road training aid for skates. You cannot take your single row to play on the wooden floor, let alone take your single Excluded from the real ice rink, it only plays on those ice rinks such as concrete or open-air porcelain tiles and marble, or even on the street.
9. Practice: Because of the different ways of walking, everyone will practice double-row without flying with half-heartedness, because they will slow down your practice.
10. Cost: The straight row wheel is the cheapest, the quality is ordinary, and the cost is the least. Double-row components are complex, with better quality and higher cost investment. The highest cost is the ice skates, and the venue is limited to the ice. It takes at least tens of dollars to enter the real ice rink once! ! Especially the student family, let alone run the real ice rink every day.
Novices recommend double-row pulleys.
Extended data
Roller skates are a kind of entertainment sports goods, which are divided into skate shoes, roller skates, and roller skates. The soles of the skates are a sharp blade, the soles of the roller skates are two rows of four wheels, and the soles of the roller skates are a row of four wheels. Using the principles of rolling and sliding, people can glide at high speed and make a variety of gorgeous actions.