Notice for buying roller skates
If you want to play roller skating in the true sense, don’t buy too cheap roller skating shoes. Don’t think that these are just shoes with a few wheels. Many sports and outdoor products nowadays are so valuable that they are usually used in the design. The theoretical support of ergonomics and other disciplines. Especially children, don't think that they can make do with bargains when they are young, otherwise they will either never love this sport or they will become regular visitors to hospital surgery.
Leisure skating---comfort first
The so-called "sweeping the street" refers to this, which generally refers to a straight line or a large angle sliding on flat ground. Because roller skates are also "shoes", and there is no need for too complicated skills in this way of sliding, comfort is the first consideration. Casual shoes can be as large as the shoe size you usually wear.
Generally speaking, the main consideration for choosing roller skates is the index situation of the shelf, bearing and wheels. It is recommended that the shelf of casual shoes should be made of aluminum alloy, so that it has good stability and is not easy to deform. The diameter of the wheel is about 80mm, the hardness is 78-80A, and the bearing is not less than ABEC-5.
Flat fancy style---good flexibility
Flat Fancy is the fancy movement that wears roller skates and makes various roundabouts on flat ground. It sounds boring, but in fact, it can only be described by one word: dazzling. You can't imagine that there will be so many movements and changes between square inches, so flexibility is the first choice.
There are two big wheels in the middle and two small bananas at the two ends. Generally, people who have never played roller skating will feel unstable when wearing this kind of shoes. The price difference is large, and it is subdivided into low-end and high-end. The indicators of its shoes are more complicated. Generally speaking, because the flat fancy will make some side-slip (similar to the car drifting) action, so the requirements for the wheels are higher. It is recommended that the wheels must be made by regular manufacturers. The material is PU or polyurethane, and its elasticity Good, low sound, fine and smooth after wear. To play flat-land fancy roller skates, choose one that fits your feet very well.
FSK (free skating)---high strength
FSK's shoe wheels are two small in the front and two large in the back. The center of gravity is forward, and it feels relatively stable after wearing. The stability and impact resistance of the shelf must be very strong, and it is generally recommended to use an integrated shelf. You should also choose roller skates that fit your feet perfectly when playing FSK.
Choose upgradeable roller skates
Usually, the psychology of many sports beginners is to buy cheap equipment for fun, or just to play some elementary sports, but they often fall in love with the sport accidentally, so they have to buy something that can meet their needs. Equipment, this will often be spent repeatedly, so it is recommended to buy some shoe models with upgrade functions, and DIY upgrades to different functions and performances by replacing the shelves, wheels, and bearings.
A good pair of flat shoes should have the following characteristics:
1. The upper should not be high, but it must also be able to support the biased pressure;
2. The shoe upper should preferably be the kind with hard shell and laces;
3. The shoe body should be flat, so that it is easier to wrap the instep;
4. The wheel frame is relatively strong, the material should be hard (the aluminum sheet should not be too thin), the wheel frame should be as low as possible, and the length of the frame should be less than 247mm;
5. Bearing index, abec-3/5/7 are all available;
6. Generally, the middle two (2,3) wheels are larger, and the front and rear two (1,4) are smaller to form a banana wheel, which is more flexible. The hardness is 78A~82A;
7. The sponge material of the whole shoe body should be soft and thick, and there is no lack of breathability;
8. The softer the tongue, the better. Only suitable and foot-wrapped shoes can protect the ankle and make exercise more flexible.
Shoe size selection problem
1. The shoe size of hard shell roller skates and semi-soft shell or soft shoes should be 0.5-1.5 yards smaller than the shoe size you usually wear, because soft shoes are usually enlarged after a period of time.
Under normal circumstances, be sure to put on both feet for a try. It is advisable not to move your feet left and right inside.
2 Under normal circumstances, be sure to put on both feet for a try. It is advisable not to move your feet from side to side inside.