How to maintain roller skates?

Before each use of roller skates, all screw caps should be checked carefully, and all loose ones should be tightened one by one.
Before use, rotate each wheel several times to check its flexibility. If a wheel is found to be inflexible, it means "refueling". If it still doesn't work after refueling and debugging, you need to find a special technician to repair it. You should not be careless in order to prevent danger in the run. The tightness of the ice shoe bogie can be adjusted according to your own wishes and requirements. If the bogie is too tight, it will not turn, and the tightness should be moderate.
Before you learn how to slide the pulley, you should first learn how to wear the wheel shoes correctly.
When wearing shoes, untie the laces first. When you put your foot into the shoes, it should be slower. Do not pull the cover too tight. If the knotted shoelace is too long, it should be plugged or tied one more circle on the shoe, so that the remaining shoelace is a certain distance away from the ground, so as to prevent falling. After putting on the shoes, don't worry about it. Check whether it is secure in place. Shoes need to fit, and improper shoes will inevitably affect the correct sliding posture and skills.
The boots of skates also need good maintenance to prevent the shoes from "out of shape" and being scrapped too early. After each use, due to perspiration and moisture in the skate shoes, the shoes should be dried in a cool place in time, and should not be exposed to the sun or baked. Otherwise, it will cause the skates to contract, wrinkle, become stiff and crack. Usually, oil should be applied frequently. When not in use, the shoes "props" should be placed in the shoes to keep the original normal shape.