What are the benefits of children's balance car
1. The exercise of balance car is called "puzzle exercise" in the medical field. Through the movement of the whole body muscles, the body is in an active and relaxed state, promoting the development of the cerebellum to promote the development of the brain and improve intelligence.
2. Riding a balance bike can shape a beautiful figure, and minors can ride for 5-10 cm taller than children of the same age for long-term riding.
3. The balance car movement combines surprise, danger, wonder, ingenuity, and beauty. It enriches people's lives and has a good role in cultivating a person's positive, confident, firm, and enterprising personality qualities.
4. Long-term riding a balance bike can exercise balance and nerve reflex ability, so that shoulders, ridges, legs, limbs, feet, wrists can be fully exercised, and enhance body flexibility and skill. These benefits that are obviously beneficial to the healthy growth of young people are not only sought after by young friends, but also loved by parents.
5. The balancing car does not need a dedicated venue, and it can be used no matter in roads, parks, forest paths or courtyards, or indoors. Its rideability is almost all-weather.
6. The undesirable consequences caused by childhood obesity are directly manifested in: reduced intelligence, poor manipulative ability and coordination of movement, personality autism, and lack of self-confidence. These undesirable consequences will directly affect the normal physical and mental development of adolescents. The average balance of calories is 285 calories for 30 minutes of riding the street while riding the balancing car, and 900 calories for 30 minutes of S-shaped winding, which is equivalent to the calories consumed for 1 hour of running. Therefore, taking 0.5-2 hours a day to practice the balancing car can let you relax under the pressure of work or study, thus keeping you away from stress and obesity.
7. Balance car movement can help children to stay away from the harm of TV and internet, enhance their physical fitness and improve their immunity. Promote the body's balance, coordination, flexibility and the ability to cultivate independence.
8. Treat kyphosis to prevent myopia. Riding a balance bike requires a straight back, and often riding a balance bike can prevent hunchbacks and myopia. Adolescents can correct kyphosis and slight lateral curvature of the spine in about 2 months, thus keeping eyes and books at an appropriate distance to prevent myopia.
9. Enhance the parent-child relationship between husband and wife. The family often exercise together can enhance the relationship between husband and wife, increase parent-child relationship and promote family harmony.
10. It is convenient to store and carry, and it is accurate for fitness. The balance cart is easy to place and easy to carry. Public places, cars, and trains can be carried around. After proficiency, you can walk on the street within 20 kilometers.