The earliest source of skates
The earliest skates were in 1100 AD, when bones were mounted on the soles of long boots to help hunters hunt in winter. The first pair of skates was created explosively by the Scottish nation Dutchman (name) in 1700 AD; he hoped to simulate iceskating in the summer, so he attached him with long wooden bobbins and long trees Shoes. The first skating club was formed in Edinburgh mid-year.
The next new shoe appeared in 1760, and Joseph Merlin, a London-based musical instrument maker (Joseph Arthur, perhaps the first person to actually invent a single-row wheel), decided to make metal boots with wheels. One day he was in a makeup dance and he skated in from the entrance to play the violin. However, before knowing how to brake and how to control the pair of shoes with wheels, he smashed into a mirror worth 500 pounds (the mirror was more expensive than gold at the time) and was dizzy and severely injured the violin. They are fearless, but the question is, can he afford the mirror? (It's no wonder if I don't drive) He ended the skating show in front of a huge mirror, and he didn't learn how to stop and steer until the end of the party. Indeed, the essence of single-row roller shoes is not how to start, but how to stop.
In 1819, M. Peitibled recorded the first pair of single-row pulleys in a French invention patent. The structure of the pair of shoes consisted of 2-3 wheels. The end of it. In 1823 London, Robert John designed a pair of skates called "rolito" on the bottom of the pair of shoes by placing them in a row on five wheels. Therolitowasnottakeseriouslyatthetime.
In 1863, Plimpton (James) in the United States discovered a way to make usable skates. He proposed a pair of roller skates and the wheels were side by side. The roller skates allowed cornering, and skating forward and backward. It's the most traditional skate! In 1884, the invention of the ball bearing wheel helped the skating sport to flourish in the future.
Until 1980, two Minnesota brothers who loved ice hockey, in order to continue practicing during the season, put the wheels in the knife base, resulting in the first pair of single-row roller skates. The wheels were arranged in a straight line. The official scientific name of the skates is In-LineSkate, which has become the official name of today's single-row roller skating.
In 1984, RollerbladeInc began to develop roller skates for various purposes. ROLLERBLADE has always been the leading brand in the international flywheel industry. In 1994, it introduced the ABT simple braking system to the market, which is the single-row roller skate we see today. Single-row roller skating, not only limited to hockey players, has become a popular leisure sport popular all over the world.
In 1995, ESPN's first extreme sports promoted the agile inline skates to the world! The acrobatic inline skates originated in the United States, and its stunt shoes are also different from ordinary single-row inline skates. Roller skating has many accessories attached. Finally make the single-row roller skating more fun and exciting!